Church Maestro Consulting

Robert Mark McBain
Written by: Dr. Sam Morris, Senior Pastor, Columbus, MS

As a church professional, he has helped find and develop staff. After assessing programs and doing thorough evaluations, he has led many to the right position. Many music ministries have flourished and grown because of Robert’s expertise. Truly, without Robert’s guidance, many would not be where they are today.


Robert McBain understands the diversity necessary for the 21st Century Church. He understands how to grow a choir and develop a vibrant program for worship and ministry. And, not only does he understand this, he has been able to demonstrate this effectiveness over and over again. Recommended by many, Dr. Robert McBain is truly magnificent and the optimal church maestro consultant.


Minister of Music, and conductor of music programs with expertise in conducting large choral and orchestral forces, Dr. Robert McBain, without question, is a most gifted artist. His skill and ability to bring forth the best from choir and orchestra has been demonstrated again and again. From the great concert choirs and professional orchestras with international soloist to the Palestinian Youth Orchestra, his leadership has brought forth music to inspire both the hearer and the participant. Truly, Robert McBain possesses a genius for conducting that creates a mystical atmosphere through music.


Beyond performance, Robert helps others achieve their goals. He is an encourager and discoverer of raw talent and ability. Over the years, he has reached out to countless persons. Literally, there are internationally recognized artists today who got their start as Robert found them and led them at the beginning of their journey.